The NIV Proclamation Bible Compact


bonded leather left/ hardcover right


bonded leather top, hardcover bottom







The Proclamation Bible compact edition published by Hodder Faith is available in 3 different bindings:

  1. bonded leather,  brown, stiff cover w/ gold page edges
  2. soft-tone,  dark blue, more flexible cover
  3. hardcover edition,  blue, lies open flatter

The  dimensions of the Compact are 8.75 x 6 x 1.25 inches, roughly about the same size as the Cambridge Concord reference Bible. Each of these editions have sewn bindings and contain two bible ribbon markers.


Compact left/ Full size right


Full size left/ compact right

Other than size, the biggest differences between the compact and the regular Proclamation Bible is the paper and the lack of wide margins. The paper in the Compact is thinner and more white in color, but with similar opacity. Like the Full size edition the Compact also has line matching and the difference in print size between both is minimal. The full size has a 9.3 font and the compact a 9pt. font and the layout and page numbering in both editions are identical.


Compact top, Full Size bottom


Compact top, Full size bottom

The paper in the Compact looks and feels identical to the paper in Hodder’s NIV SCR editions. The textblock thickness of the Compact is 1.10″, while the full size is 1.40 inches. The paper thickness in the Compact measures .170″ @ 250 pages, while the Full size edition  measured .218″ @ 250 pages.

For those of you looking for a more portable edition of the Proclamation Bible, the compact edition would make a great companion for your full sized edition. Click on the following link for a more detailed review of the internals in the Proclamation Bible.


Hardcover Compact top, bonded leather Compact mid, and full size bottom










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