Hodder Faith 3: NIV Large Print Side Column Reference, NIV Larger Print Compact SCR, & the NIV Clear Print Bible


The Large Print NIV SCR is formatted in a Single Column paragraph format with side column references and the textual notes are located at the bottom of the page. The 12pt. dark bold font is very readable and this edition also has line matching of the text. Line matching is where the lines of print are aligned with the print from the other side of the page.


SS856378SS856379One place where this edition really shines is the print and I wished other Bible publishers would take notice. The print in this edition is dark and bold, which causes the print to stand out more off the page. The text is very readable, but I find that the side column references are small in comparison with the size of the text. The paper is fairly thin, but as thin as it is, it’s rather opaque and if you’re familiar with the paper in Zondervan’s Books of the Bible edition, this paper looks and feels identical.



The page count is approximately 2200 pages, the thickness of the textblock is around 1.65 inches, and the outside dimensions are: 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches. The paper in this edition is fairly thin and with the  paper being as thin, it appears the gold gilding on the page edges causes the paper to be taller around the corners while lying open.


Proclamation Bible left, NIV SCR right


For a paper comparison the thickness in the Proclamation Bible measures .80″ at 100 pages, while the Large Print SCR measures .65 inches. I actually prefer the look and feel of the paper in Hodder’s Proclamation Bible, but to be fair, if you’ll look at the picture comparison (right) between these two Bibles you’ll notice the thinner paper in the Large Print SCR (right) appears more opaque.

SS856375SS856661The Large Print SCR has a concordance and 8 Bible Maps. This edition is also available with other bindings/covers. This Deluxe edition has a stiff  bonded leather cover with red paper liners. The Deluxe editions are the only editions that have gold page edges and comes with a cardboard slip case. This edition is rather stiff out of the box and it will require a break in period before it lies open flat. If you prefer an edition that lies a little flatter when opened, then I would recommend buying the hardcover edition of this same Bible.



NIV Compact SCR top, Cambridge ESV Clarion bottom


For those of you who are fans of the Cambridge Clarion, Hodder also has an edition about the same size in a similar format. The layout in the Larger Print SCR Compact is identical to the Large Print edition, but it is a smaller Bible with a  9.5 font.  The overall dimensions are: 7.75 x 5.25 x 1.75 inches.

SS856339SS856370With the reduction of the size of the font the print doesn’t appear very bold, but the print appears darker than the print in the Clarion. The Hodder paper is more white than the paper in the Cambridge Clarion, but the paper in the Clarion has a more premium look and feel. The paper is identical to the paper in the Large Print, it’s thin, but it appears similar in opacity as the paper in the Cambridge Clarion.

Like the Large Print edition, the textblock of the Compact is also sewn and is available in different bindings ranging from a hardcover to a bonded leather edition. If flexibility of the cover is a primary concern, then I find that the imitation leather (Soft-Tone) is the most flexible, however only the Deluxe Edition has gold page edges. If you’re tired of waiting on Cambridge to release a NIV in the Clarion edition, then you might consider picking up a copy of the NIV Larger Print Compact SCR.



The Hodder NIV Clear Print Bible is quite the novelty, in other words the book doesn’t open up and read like a typical book from right to left,  but top to bottom, similar to a desk top calendar. This setting allows for a larger print in a more manageable size and if you’re familiar with a Bible called the Transetto published by Cambridge several years ago, well the Clear Print NIV uses the same basic idea.



The Clear Print Bible is set in a double column text only format with some basic study helps located at the front of the Bible and book introductions located at the back. There’s no concordance and the maps have been cleverly used for the liners and end pages. The Clear print has a 14 point font and contains the largest print out of the three reviewed editions.


The Clear Print is only available in a hardcover edition and it is covered in an attractive burgundy book cloth. The paper in this edition has a similar look and feel as the other two editions, but the paper measures thicker. The paper thickness in the Large and Larger Print editions measures .65″ @ 100 pages while the Clear Print paper thickness measures 1.30″. The overall outside   dimensions of the Clear Print are: 8.25″ x 6.25″ x 2″.

Some downsides: I’m not a big fan of the paper, but for economical editions such as these the paper is sufficient. The references in the single column editions could have been made a little larger. The maps do the job, but not very appealing to the eye.

Some positives:  All of these editions have sewn textblocks and books with sewn textblocks are more durable and hold up much better over time. The consistency of the dark print in each of these editions with line matching enhances readability. The Large Print reference editions, no matter which binding you select, all come with two ribbon markers.

Recommendation/Conclusion: Eventually I would like to see a regular edition of the SCR with a 10pt font, something  equivalent to Hodder’s Deluxe NIV Bible, but in single column. If you’re in the market for an NIV with a larger print, then one of these editions should fill that need.

For more information on these Bibles and where to purchase just click one of the provided links.


These editions are available from the UK and can be found and purchased at 10ofthose.com or Amazon.co.uk



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