Various Estate Sale Finds

I’m afraid I haven’t lived up to the title of my blog: I posted a few Bible Reviews, but I haven’t posted much else. Well, here’s a few smaller items that I’ve found at various estate, garage sales, etc. Some of the items I know very little about, but I’ll try to give a brief description along with the pictures. Let me know if you have any additional information on any of these items, your input will be much appreciated, thanks for stopping by.
I’ve always heard that you should collect or buy what you like and I’ve tried to follow that piece of advice when out hunting around for treasure. I tried to include a mixture of items, something for the ladies as well as the fellas.

Liberty Bell bookends: ???

SS851018 SS851019 SS851020

The bookends are 6 inches tall, fairly heavy and appear to be made of iron. I can see faint remnants of green paint on the leaves. The bookends are 150th anniversary of the Liberty Bell and are dated 1776-1926. There are no indications of the maker or markings, just the 1776-1926 dates.

Brass picture Frames: made in India




I found these frames at two different Estate sales. Pretty heavy frames made in India, decal says solid brass, with what looks like some type of enamel over design on the fronts, however the smaller frame appears faded. The props on the back swivel so you can stand frames up vertically or horizontally. Larger frame holds 4×6 picture and smaller app. 3×3.

Small wood planes:  Clockwise starting at top left picture are a Miller Falls no. 4 Bull Nose Plane, Miller Falls no. 45 Adjustable Block Plane, Stanley Model 93 Rabbet plane, and Stanley Adjustable Block Plane.

SS850996 SS851000






Lie Nielsen model #102 Bronze Block Plane purchased brand new.








Wood Whittlers walnut candle holder and biscuit cutters: made in Gatlinburg, TN




Ido Zaccagnini Rooster ? 7 inches tall, made in Italy.

SS851030 SS851031

CoalPort Bone China Bouquet:  made in England, heavy almost 6 inches tall



More to come………………

2 thoughts on “Various Estate Sale Finds

  1. I only just came across this post – it may be ancient, but it merits a comment. Do you ever sell the stuff you find? I collect Millers Falls planes, and was wondering if you might still have this #45 block plane and aren’t married to it. I haven’t run across one of these 45s yet at an estate or garage sale, and the one in the picture is about the condition I normally pick them up in.

    • I don’t normally run across planes and I found all of those at the same estate sale. I’m not opposed to selling items, but I’m kind of attached to the planes, since I’m a very amateur wood worker, however I do appreciate you asking and your comments.

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