Hodder Faith Review Part 2: The Proclamation Bible

 The NIV Proclamation Bible in bonded leather



Some of you might be asking, what is the Proclamation Bible? Well, the Proclamation Bible is not your typical study Bible. The Proclamation Bible guides you in how to study, interpret, and how to apply the message of the Bible effectively. The proclamation Bible accomplishes this with 10 essays and also with section and book introductions. In regards to the essays, these essays assist you by suggesting different methods so you can get to the overall message of the text, all while allowing the text to interpret the text. The section and book introductions act as guides by providing key information and helping you remain on point.

There were about 66 Pastors, Bible Theologians, and Bible Teachers involved in the compilation of the additional material (e.g., the essays and introductions).

The Proclamation Bible and its contents: 

For the Biblical text the Proclamation Bible uses the 2011 New International Version, which is a modern English translation and update of the original New International Version. The ten introductory essays mentioned above build upon one another ranging from the following titles and themes: 1) What is the Bible 2) Bible Overview 3) Historical Reliability of the Bible 4) Finding the Melodic Line of a Book 5) From Text to Doctrine: The Bible and Theology 6) From Text to Life: Applying the Old Testament 7) From Text to Life: Applying the New Testament 8) From Text to Sermon: Preaching the Bible 9) From Text to Study: Small Groups and One to Ones 10) Biblical Interpretation: A Short History. The essays cover about 65 pages and are located at the front of the Bible, also at the end of each essay there’s a short list of recommended reading material (book titles).


The sections of the main text, such as the Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom Books, Prophets, the Gospels, and the Epistles have written introductions. Not only are there introductions for each of these sections, but each book of the Bible has a written introduction as well. The introductions include a  synopsis of each book, points to consider, an outline, and a short list of recommended Bible Commentaries. Also, the main theme of each book is summed up with one sentence at the beginning of the book introductions.


 The physical and internal differences are as follows:

The layout of the text in the Proclamation Bible is basically the same as the NIV Deluxe edition that I reviewed previously, however the font in the Proclamation Bible is slightly smaller and is listed as a size 9.3. What sets this Bible apart are the wider margins and the additional material. The margins are about 3/4″ wide in the main text and 1″ wide in all of the additional material. The paper is the same as in the NIV Deluxe edition and is rated at 35gsm, which should handle ink well.

(Proclamation on left and NIV Deluxe on right in both pictures below)

SS858772 SS858773

The outer dimensions of the Proclamation Bible are approximately 9″ x 6″ x 1.5″ at 1452 pages, which is 125 pages more than Hodder Faith’s NIV Deluxe edition and about 1/4″ thicker. And, like the NIV Deluxe the Proclamation Bible has a 64 page concordance, Table of Weights and Measures, and 4 pages of Bible Maps.


The construction of the Proclamation Bible includes a sewn textblock, gold gilded page edges, and two 1/4″ wide ribbons (one black and the other gold). The binding is bonded leather and the liners are paper, which makes for a rather stiff cover. However, the bonded leather has a very nice appearance with a natural looking grain and overall this Bible feels very durable.

 SS858889 SS858753SS858748

In conclusion:

The Proclamation Bible is a great resource and reference Bible, but what I find most unique about this Bible is that the additional material (the essays, the section, and book introductions) constantly refers you back to the text, that way you remain focused on the text. With the inclusion of the wider margins the Proclamation Bible is also a multi- purpose Bible, one that would be very useful to a Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, Bible Study Leader, or a student of Scripture. And, if I were limited to only one of Hodder Faith’s Bibles the NIV Proclamation Bible would be my primary choice.

This Bible is also available in a hardcover edition and can be purchased direct through Hodder Faith and if you live in the USA, then give 10ofthose.com  below a try.

Also, R.L. Allan has scheduled for January 2015 to bind the Proclamation Bible in  their premier Highland Goatskin leather in black, brown, navy blue, and red.

Now available from R.L. ALLAN Bibles:   http://www.bibles-direct.co.uk/products/?c=93

also available from EvangelicalBible.com: http://evangelicalbible.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=12_116

10ofthose.com Part 2


This is a brief continuation and conclusion of a previous review that I posted about 10ofthose.com. As a result of The Proclamation Bible bonded leather edition not being available at the time I made my original order, I ended up preordering it.  When the bonded leather edition was released, I received a shipping notification by email and  my Proclamation Bible arrived to me in the USA about a week and a half later in good condition.


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